About us

ESQH is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the improvement of quality in European healthcare.

ESQH is a member of the EU Health Policy Forum

ESQH is also represented on the European Commission Working Group on Patient Safety & Quality of Care

ESQH was a partner in the following EU-funded international projects:

* EUNetPaS 
EU Network for Patient Safety

Methods of Assessing Response to Quality Improvement Strategies

* SImPatiE 
Safety Improvement for Patients in Europe

* DUQuE 
Deepening our Understanding of Quality Improvement in Europe


You can read about ESQH Workshops and Conferences here

ESQH consists of 20 members, all of whom are National Societies for Quality in Healthcare, from the following countries:

1.   Croatia
2.   Czech Republic
3.   Denmark
4.   Germany
5.   Greece
6.   Ireland
7.   Italy
8.   Lithuania
9.   Luxembourg
10. The Netherlands
11. Norway                                              
12. Poland
13. Portugal
14. Spain
15. Sweden
16. Turkey
17. The UK
18. Egypt
19. Cyprus
20. Montenegro

Associate Members include:

Joint Commission International

Danish Society for Patient Safety 


The ESQH Secretariat is based in Limerick, Ireland.

(See ESQH Offices pages for more information on the 14 different Offices).

How ESQH operates
ESQH is a voluntary Society, registered for charity within the Republic of Ireland.

Funding is received from the Irish Department of Health & Children (through the Health Services' Executive) and from members' subscriptions.

Each member Society of ESQH nominates one person to sit on the Council. From the Council, 8 members are chosen to sit on the Executive Board.

The current Board has the following members:


President Jasna Mesaric, Croatia
Vice-President Ales Bourek, Czech Republic
Board Member Suzana Parente, Portugal 
Board Member George Bohoris, Greece
Board Member Hilary Dunne, Ireland
Board Member Marion Lindh, Sweden
Board Member Charles Shaw, UK
Board Member Agnieszka Daval-Cichon, Poland
Offices' Rep Roland Schlesinger, Vienna Office

ESQH Fellows (Past-Presidents)

Marius Buiting, The Netherlands                                                                                                                                                         David Somekh, The UK                                                                                                                                                                         Basia Kutyrba, Poland                                                                                                                                                                           Paul Bartels, Denmark


ESQH Ambassadors
Piera Poletti, Italy
Mary Morrissey, Ireland

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