ESQH Offices are centres of “special competence” connected to existing institutions with the ability to form a resource of knowledge within a specified topic of healthcare quality and safety in Europe.

Offices will have the capacity and ability to
Focus on a single topic and its implications in and for Europe and
Act as a conduit for import/export of knowledge to the networks of ESQH.

The ESQH Offices
1.  London - Patient Safety        
2.  Sussex - Governance        
3.  Aarhus - Quality Indicators       
4.  Gothenburg - Transfer of Improvement Knowledge Between Industry & Healthcare
5.  Krakow - Quality Promotion in CEEC  
6.  Berlin - Guidelines
7.  Utrecht I - (Euro Network of Quality Institutes) ENQI (CBO)
8.  Utrecht II - Research into Quality Effectiveness (NIVEL)
9.  Brussels - EU Liaison
10. Lisbon - (European Health Futures Forum) EHFF
11. Barcelona - Mental Health, Elderly & Social Care (FAD)                   
12. Padua - Patient Participation (CEREF)
13. Vienna - Knowledge & Technology Transfer Between Industry & Healthcare 
14. Athens - Cross Border Healthcare  

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